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Data Driven Solutions
Data-Driven Solutions Improving Value-Based Care
Our platform offers potential value to companies trying to leverage big data and helps them better understand subtle changes in behavior, preferences or customer satisfaction.
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Customer Insight & Segmentation

Understand your customers better, create greater engagement and produce more effective marketing via our Insight and Segmentation services.

Spatial Solutions

Benefit from the insights generated through our proprietary data model which helps us identify, measure and evaluate all related spatial factors.

Insight & Segmentation

We transform marketing data into actional business intelligence

Many analytics engagements begin with a client asking us to tell them more about their customers. What are their demographics, psychographics, and interests? Which attributes can we add to their house file for greater customer segmentation? These issues are best addressed with descriptive analytics.


Our Insight & Segmentation services create granular-level views of customers based on transactional, demographic, behavioral and firmographics attributes. We help transform marketing data into actionable business intelligence. We match and analyze your data against our in-house data assets, summarizing the information against benchmark statistics to reveal valuable insights about your best customers.


Our house file enhancement service will append your data with the most relevant attributes associated with your client base, enabling the development of customer personas and other segmentation strategies.


Customer Insight and Segmentation allows you to identify patterns in their buying, learn about their business operation, including product lines and find out exactly what’s important to them.


Customer Insight and Segmentation is the understanding of your customer, based on their buying behavior, their experiences with you, their beliefs or needs. Customer insights go beyond raw data or research, it is a multi-view of your customers derived from a strategic analysis of qualitative and quantitative data.

Data Analytics ACADEMY
Insight & Segmentation


Proprietary technology that elevates models of interaction between people and life-space from conceptual to operational.

Schmosslab is a strategic solutions partner for all entities interested in optimizing Geospatial Analytics.

O2O(online-to-offline) and O4O(online-for-offline) business, location-based service, Proptech industry, Smartcity, as well as decision makers in Public Sector, all benefit from the insights generated through our proprietary data modeling.

Database Primitives for Spatial analytics

We have developed a set of database primitives for mining in spatial databases which are sufficient to express most of the algorithms for spatial data mining and which can be efficiently supported by a DBMS.

We believe that the use of these database primitives will enable the integration of spatial data mining with existing DBMS’s and will speed-up the development of new spatial data mining algorithms.  The database primitives are based on the concepts of neighborhood graphs and neighborhood paths.

Algorithms for Spatial Analytics

New algorithms for spatial characterization and spatial trend analysis were developed. For spatial characterization it is important that class membership of a database object is not only determined by its non-spatial attributes but also by the attributes of objects in its neighborhood. In spatial trend analysis, patterns of change of some non-spatial attributes in the neighborhood of a database object are determined.

Geospatial Segmentation

The approach compute the similarity information between objects as needed while using the topological relations as a new similarity measure.

Algorithms for Spatial behavior Analysis

Our Algorithms is to collect sensor data, such as IoT and Wifi, to extract relevant knowledge on tourists’ spatial movement and point of interest (POI) visitation behavior.

Algorithms for Spatial behavior Analysis presents an approach to cluster tourists’ spatial behavior by association rule analysis and sequential pattern mining.

Spatial Prospector
Spatial Behavior Detector
Spatial Solutions
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